Naturalization update

Before and during Beloved’s absence there was a fair bit of corresponding with the Naturalizational Powers that Be.

After finding out who is responsible for organizing the test Beloved needs to take, it was easy to find an application form to fill out. Then the bill came, with some further instructions about summoning Beloved to his exam.Summons, yeah. That’s what you get when dealing with national, bureaucratic organizations. They’re not very understanding of things like business travel (it’s fascinating to see how they insist upon treating immigrants as if they’re unemployed as well as unemployable) or demanding work schedules.

I mounted my keyboard and trotted out an e-mail to this new organization, asking about the policy for rescheduling dates for these kinds of affairs. And I was summarily informed that unless I am willing to become an official case manager, I cannot respond to or arrange anything for my husband. Case manager, eh?

I already jokingly tell the Beloved that I am the family’s secretary, but hadn’t thought I could make it official.  Anyway. We’ll pay the bill, see when he gets his summons and hope that it will not be at any point during the honeymoon. I don’t feel like being case manager, even if it’s a joke.

Completely unrelated picture: all of us, at the wedding (two are hiding).
the wedding
Picture by Patrick Moran


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