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Huh.. It’s not even that long ago.

Here I was thinking I hadn’t blogged in aaaaaages. And I was sort of dreading the always-awkward: ” Uhhh, so.. sorry.. here I am again.”  that usually follows any absence from a person’s own front page. It’s not that bad, though, which is why I’ll happily skip any apologies and go into summarizing the last six weeks.

I’ve been ‘turtling’ a lot. By which I mean that I’ve kept to my own brain, in my own house, venturing mostly into work and videogames. This has been very easy ever since discovering Dwarf Fortress. I’m having loads of fun. There was this one fortress of mine  that had all its inhabitants killed by crocodiles in the first 30 seconds of the game, which was a bit unusual, but otherwise, my games have all ended due to my own (lack of) good ideas, which is as it should be.

In any case. We’re down one holiday season, two plays, two colds each for Beloved and me, and our American Semiversary (by which I mean that yesterday marked the day we’d been here for six months). In these last blog-less six weeks there were many ‘firsts’ and I figure that some of them will make for good blog posts, so hey, hopefully you’ll read more from me in the near future.

Yesterday, to mark the American Semiversary, we decided to walk the length (and width, but that’s considerably less impressive) of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. In order to start off our day well, we metro-ed all the way to the Pacific Ocean so that I could pay my respects. The waves were glorious, the beach wide and the shells humongous. Upon my arrival at the waterline, the sea sent out the most adorable, tiny ‘rogue wave’ (it came a good 15 ft further inland than the twenty or so I counted before), drenching me until halfway up my shins. We got off on a good foot, the Pacific and I. I feel like she let me off lightly for waiting half a year to go and see her 🙂

Then, into the park, where we meandered between the dog park, the bison paddock and all the different gardens and museums. I learned of the existence of Frisbee Golf.We skipped out for a burrito, then meandered some more, seeing the Aids Memorial Grove and a group of people jamming in the Californian January sunshine (Polar Vortex? Eh?) and ended up getting lost while looking for the metro ‘home’ after we exited the park.  Oops.  In the end we pushed east ’til Market Street and headed southeast until we came to a Bart stop. My best guess is that we covered close to twelve miles. It was a good day.