Some endlessness

Man, I’m tired of writing. This blog has been suffering for it, as you can probably tell (or not, because you probably have way more interesting things to do). I write to get paid, I write for volunteer efforts (I’ve signed up for a few and they’re panning out quite nicely) and I write ‘home’ to all the wonderful people left behind. So many letters on so many screens…

I’m also tired of introducing myself. I think that’s one thing I’m taking away from this whole move: living in a place where you do not know _a single person_ (other than Beloved, without whom I think I would have crawled under the bed and starved from sheer anxiety,) is exhausting. If social work-outs would lead to muscle growth, I’d be the hulk by now. So many new people in so many new places…

Still, I’m pleased to report that efforts made are paying off. I’ve met the first (of what I hope will be more) wonderful people. The kind that you just sort of naturally ‘fit’  with. It is a luxury to have those people (that’s lesson #2 of The Big Move, I think: Value the good folks) and I treasure them.

As to other opportunities to meet and to cooperate and to act and to make things happen: I wonder how much of it is the side effect of living in a high turnover place. People come and go here all the time and so holes fall into existing networks and this creates a space to move in and move with. Maybe. Or maybe things are working out because they are, with no discernable reason. Lucky me!

I keep thinking that maybe by now I’ve been ‘here’ long enough to develop a more or less qualified opinion of ‘the better and worse’  of this place, but perhaps rule #1 of The Big Move should be ‘ It’s (not better, it’s not worse, its) different.’ Which it is. One of the most ‘different’ things is that I really need to stop showing up precisely on time, That’s just ‘not done’  around here: I’ve not been to a single event that started as announced. I’ll give it my best try, but I am terrible at being late, so I don’t know if I’ll succeed.


2 Responses to “Some endlessness”

  1. 1 Sheryl November 23, 2013 at 2:23 am

    I have such troubles when people say an event starts at X time and really it isn’t going to be until Y. I don’t get it. I stress out about being punctual (I grew up raised the by chronically late) so it’s difficult.

    Are you finding that it’s more something gets delayed, or people just genuinely expect that you’ll come later?

  2. 2 Amanda November 29, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Oh yeah, introducing yourself can get a bit tiring sometimes. I do not mind the introducing so much as the condescending tone people sometimes use (when they actually mean well, I understand), saying things like : ” oh it must be so difficult to live at the other side of the world”. And yes it can be hard, but let’s try not to dwell on things that makes us sad.
    I hope you get some rest!
    Are you celebrating thangskiving? I really would like some pumpkin pie, a friend used to make it and it is delicious.
    I hope you will be less tired, but yay for being busy and meeting people with whom you click!

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