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Pictures of home!

Yup, I went and took a few pictures of our apartment again. This time with furniture in it. Because, you know.. what’s an apartment without beds and couches?

We’re still waiting for the books, although the shipping company told us that they’ve been cleared by customs this week. We should expect their arrival within the month. That’s why the bookshelves are still empty. Hope you enjoy seeing where I spend my time now:

Click the picture to click through to a little gallery. Ps. Pictures all by me.

Midnight Munchies Bakery:

or: The Internet Is Finally Good For Something

Picture by me! Yay!

These last ones being the words of my husband after a box of carefully packaged, individually wrapped cookies was delivered to us a few days back. Now, I personally think the internet has another use or two (cat pictures, to say the least, and endlessly perusing websites for local shelters to see if they have The Dog That I’d Adopt If I Could), but hey, cookie delivery is one of the internet’s better uses.

How we got these cookies? It all started with a comment on a site called reddit in which the owner of the website announced that he does late night cookie delivery. Beloved checked out the site and discovered that something wasn’t quite working properly. He summarily informed the owner who then came back with an offer of some free cookies as a thank you for the heads-up.

Now Beloved doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but he knows me and so he wisely accepted the offer. Soon, deliverance! A pile of cookies were received, all whole and packaged with the kind of foam packaging that dissolves when it comes in contact with water (handy!). They came in a box of Ghirardelli choclate chips, which – or so I infer – speaks for the quality of ingredients used For some reason I decided that the internet needed to know more about these cookies. I promise – I wasn’t paid. It’s just.. You send me free cookies, then I may feel spontaneously inspired to do things like this. Never promised I’d make sense, eh? Anyway, after a little sleuthing on the website I figured out what cookies were sent to us. So, here’s the Midnight Munchies Cookie Review:

The Annoying Orange

Logically, this is a citrusy cookie. Fresh, with a texture right between the more gooey, traditional chocolate chip cookies and the drier, crunchy cookies I’m used to from ‘home’. Also, remarkably low on crumbs, which is a plus (seriously, I can do without crumb cleavage).

No idea why the Orange is supposed to be annoying, because even though I’m not usually a fan of mixing fruit and sweets, this is a well-done mixture and I enjoyed it. These cookies were unglazed, but I’m wiling to bet they’re tasty when glazed as well.

Any suggested improvements? I’d love to see an option for a dark chocolate glaze (but I’m a glutton).

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

These are peanut butter cookies, which can also come as ‘sandwiches’ with jelly in the middle. I had no idea this was their intended use and so I just ate the cookies like this. Eating peanut butter as a sweet, is one of those cultural things that you just have to give in to. Back in the ‘Old Country’ we’d combine peanut butter with cheese, cucumber or ‘sambal’, but here in America it’s pb&j all the way.

These cookies come in a pack of two and are nice and thin. They’re a little a sticky on the bottom (yay! Fingerlicking afterwards!) and they have a little ‘give’. The flavour is good. Not overly sugary, which means there is really room for the nutty flavour to come out.

Cinnamon Challenges

They’re Cinnamon Rolls except cookies. It’s a nice surprise to get the homey cinnamon sugar flavour in a crisper do-over. We got them without glazing, but I’d try them with glaze if you’d like a slightly more traditional ‘feel’.

Boom Goes The Dynamite

A spiced snickerdoodle with a lovely consistency. Sweet, but with enough spice to make the cookie interesting. The outside is just a bit brittle, but the inside has a crumble that’s a bit more moist – just enough to ‘give’ a little. Gives the cookie a very dessert-like feel. Personally, I’d try to get these hot and serve them with a scoop of melty vanilla ice. Or crumble them and make a crust for pear pie.

Double Rainbow

This is a cookie with major content. It’s got candy coated chocolates, chocolate chips and pieces of potato chip. The flavor is nice. I mean.. chocolate, right? And when you eat a bite, the flavor morphs a bit. From all sweet to creamy and slightly saltier. It is, in that sense, a very interesting cookie. I think that the potato chip gets a little chewy, though, which leaves you with random harder bits in your mouth after you’ve actually swallowed a bite. Thats my only point of commentary, though. Otherwise there is some major nom-tential. 

Chocolate Rain

The gooeyest cookie of the bunch, and the most chocolatey. Although not that chocolatey, because: hey! mint-flavour. Quite a surprise, because it looks like your average (hence: delectable) double or triple choc cookie, but then suddenly it’s not.  I like they gooeyness and especially the combination of chocolate and goo, and would certainly recommend this cookie to fellow lovers of the cocoa.

The Smitten Immigrant works!

That is: I found myself a first little freelance gig. It’s just for a few days, but hey, no complaints here. My first dollars in actually self-earned money in the US of A. Bring me a white picket fence – I’ve got to keep dreaming 😛

I’ve got plenty of other applications outstanding, but since it seems to be the local custom to only contact people that are being considered for employment, I’m not remotely sure how many of those are even being looked at. I’ll just keep sending out an application a day and see what comes back.

Photo by ste3ve, under a Creative Commons License