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Beloved and I stayed up for election night. We drank our way through two-and-a-half bottles of exceptionally high quality wine (for us, okay? :P) and some coffee. When sleep threatened to overwhelm us we went out for a stroll and bought fried food. We fortified ourselves with crackers and hummus and just had a general good time switching between the hilarious nonsense of Fox, the cheap graphics at ABC and an occasional bit of reporting on NBC.

I don’t need to tell you how it went (but I will anyway). Not only did Obama win (and rather comfortably so), but two states passed a referendum opening marriage to same sex couples (a third one is still hanging in the balance) and a fourth one refused a ‘one man, one woman’ clause to define marriage. Two states also declared marihuana legal.

I hope it’s as big of a slap in the face of the GOP as Todd Akin’s comments on rape were for any reasonably sensible human. If things continue like this, federal recognition of same sex marriages will soon follow, allowing all American ‘love exiles’ to come back home. Fingers crossed!

We went to bed after 6 AM and woke a few hours later for croissants for breakfast and a (somewhat seriously) delayed work day.

Package is under way

Today a courier will carry our I-130 petition over the ocean to deliver it to USCIS on Wednesday November 7 at the latest. I’m relieved and nervous at the same time. Hoping all goes well!
I’d like to think we ‘front-loaded’ the petition reasonably well, without sending a huge monstrosity of a file.

Here’s what we sent:

– G-1145, so as to be notified digitally of progress

– cover letter with table of contents (2 pages)

(subdivision petition)

– check for filing fee

– I-130 petition

– copy of Beloved’s birth certificate (front and back)

(subdivision page biographicals)

– G-325A for Beloved

-passport-style picture of Beloved

– G-325A for me

-passport-style picture of me

(subdivision marriage)

– marriage certificate (or rather ‘international extract from local government database, proving marriage’)

(subdivision cohabitation)

– international extract from local government database proving residence at home address since (date) for Beloved

– international extract from local government database proving residence at home address since (date)for me

(subdivision commingling of financial resources)

– statement from tax preparer with summary of jointly filed taxes (3 pages)

– signed notice of consent for electronic filing of taxes

– statement from online banking software showing joint account (+ translation and certificate of translation)

(subdivision affidavits)

-affidavit from my mother

-affidavit from my father

-notarized affidavit from Beloved’s parents

– affidavit from friend 1 (the one who introduced us)

– affidavit from friend 2

– affidavit from friend 3

(subdivision joint travel)

-8 pages of travel documents showing purchases of plane and train tickets for both of us.

(subdivision pictures)

22 pages with pictures, dates and descriptions of pictures showing narrative of our relationship. (app. 30 pictures)