There is an end in sight

and I can’t wait!

Book 2 is in final stage of proofreading, Book 3’s first proof will come in later this week. Book 4 is sent out to the graphics people next week. In my free time I’m editing a Master’s thesis in corporate governance policy and law.

Beloved did the GRE and has his scores back. He scored in or above the 90th percentile for two of the three parts.

Mood in the household with regards to these latest developments:

Photo courtesy of PhyreworX – CC License.

As a reward for finishing the GRE and as a means to help take my mind off work, Beloved and I have picked up Fallout: New Vegas, a fun game for the Xbox. Playing a single person rpg has developed into team sport in this house. He is the pretty experienced gamer with quick fingers and a feel for game development. I like playing as the non-controller-wielding sidekick with the memory for narrative who ties random conversations with people back to half-finished missions earlier in the game as well as the person who keeps an eye on the environment to pick up on tiny items we need to collect, hidden doors that pop up and the colour difference on the ‘radar’ that indicates if the entity approaching is neutral or hostile.

Extra bonus is that I feel we get a little post-apocalyptic preview of the area we will be visiting by the end of this year.

Man, I look forward to that trip.


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