Work.. pays off.

alternative title: Why I blog so little.

– The book I (co-)authored is back from the printers. I am now officially a published author.

– The second book has been sent out to the graphics people to be laid out. Printing will take place later in the year.

– We have a weekend trip planned to London to hang out with the in-laws. Flights and hotel are arranged.

– Beloved will do a two-week tour around the US to visit universities. Flights, trains and university appointments have all been taken care of, and are mostly fully arranged. I won’t be coming with, which makes me sad.

– We’ ll be going to Las Vegas (ahem), the Grand Canyon and some more desert a few months later. Flights are booked as well as hotels at these two locations. The rest of the trip won’t be planned, although we will rent a car before we go. We will not meet any family of friends on said trip. I look forward to desert panoramas and a few good audio books.

– The very, very final wedding celebration has been had. I’ve heard no complaints, so I think it all went well. Our whisky supplies have been considerably expanded. Family seems to be pleased.

– Residency permit extension requirements for Beloved have once again been fulfilled, so assuming the immigration folks don’t mess up, all should go off without a hitch, until the day of naturalization.

– I am one year older than at the time of my previous blog post.

– I have developed a bit of a celebrity crush on Simon Reeve. He travels, he writes and I posted his picture below. You may want to consider trying to find his documentaries, because frankly: they are awesome.

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