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Tomorrow :)

Tomorrow Beloved and I will have a semi-versary. As in, we’ll be married for six months. Pretty cool, eh?

It went fast, and we’ve both kicked ass the whole time. I could not have asked for a better human to be my team mate.

Did I ever tell you about our food initiative? It started on March 15 (you know, the Ides of March, and all) and  since that date we both cut our greatest vices from our diet. We also started having low carb dinners (while keeping relatively carby breakfasts and lunches). Seeing as that we’re no longer eating fried foods (his vice)  or cookies and chocolate (my vice) and have exchanged piles of pasta and white rice for spinach, lettuce, lentils and other goodness, I can say we’re objectively healthier. The end date on the ‘trial period’ for this (rather big) diet change is June 15, but my guess is that we’ll try to keep it up. Although I do miss lasagna. Maybe I could make some to have for lunch on the weekend?

I also went back to riding our spinning bike twice a week, without Beloved having to tell me to do so. Not that I suddenly like exercising (I don’t), but I hope it’ll help me keep my lungs in somewhat adequate shape for when I want to go to the mountains (seriously, I’m an asthmatic living at sea level. Put me at 10.000 feet and I basically suffocate just from standing still).

With regards to other ass-kicking:

Three weeks from now, we’ll have our final, final wedding celebration. This weekend, we round up all the non-RSVP-ers and harass them for an answer 🙂

Beloved has been doing a lot of math in preparation for the GRE. I’m sure he’ll do really, really well.

We’ve talked to a tax specialist who has prepared our tax returns, for here and for the US (not that I file US taxes, but Beloved now has to file as ‘married, filing separate’ which means we have to disclose everything, down to the colour of our underwear to the IRS, basically).

Last but not least: I’m in the middle of an interview process. For a new job. A really awesome job at, like, THE company that everyone would want to work for. I promise to tell you more once I know whether I get the job or not. For now I’ll let you know that  am exhilarated as well as a nervous. This process is also the main reason that I’ve been so quiet. It is on my mind most of the time, but it just seemed to early to mention it.

Also, this is me, anxiously awaiting results from interviews, answers to date requests and replies to petitions for naturalizations.

Picture available under CC license, courtesy of raindog (Jim Crossley).

Just a small thing

.. but I’m rather proud of it anyway.

Beloved and I were taking a walk. We walked past two people locked in what looked like an (otherwise) normal, if somewhat passionate, lovers embrace. Except that when we walked by, I heard the smaller of the two say ‘Let me go. Please let me go. Please? Let me go. Let me go now.’

So I stopped dead in my tracks, waiting for the taller one to let the smaller one go. But that didn’t happen, and the smaller one kept asking to be released. I don’t think Beloved quite grasped what happened, so he was rather surprised when I stuck my hand in my bag, grabbed my phone and walked back to the couple.

“I’m sorry. But.. Do I need to call someone for you, maybe?”

I know. As far as opening sentences go it’s rather sucky (and perhaps not as de-escalating as I should have aimed for).

Interestingly enough, the taller one immediately behaved somewhat defensive. The first words our of their mouth were “Don’t think I’m abusing (smaller person)!”. The smaller person immediately started defending me to the taller person and defending the taller person to me. Explaining to me, that no, no, everything was fine, it was alright, and explaining to the taller person that no, no, my response was probably due to seeing other people being abused and my intentions were good and that I was in no way implying that they as a couple were abusive.

In the mean time taller person kept interrupting me and smaller person by stating that they only did what needed to happen, by stating that smaller person was way more aggressive than them, and by pointing out the scars on their forehead that (apparently) the smaller person had given to them.

I explained that I was really only checking if anyone needed help. When they both assured me that it was only a normal lovers’ quarrel, I wished them a good night and went on my way. I still don’t know what to think of their behaviour (or rather, I know bloody well what I think, but I can’t be sure, so there’s no ground for judgement), but I’m glad I stopped and interrupted them.

I’ve also decided that next time I should ask: “Can I help you?”, since that probably elicits a less aggressive response.

Excitement and distraction

I owe y’all a decent update.

However, there isn’t any immigration news and no big insights regarding the nature of marriage or my personal relationship with Beloved.

We did receive a late Christmas present, meaning that our dinner table is covered with 27 books. Some of them old, from Beloved’s American collection (Fun! We’ll be bringing those back in.. I don’t know.. A year?) The rest of them are used (or even new) books from Powell’s.

13 of these books are mine. I have thirteen new books! BOOKS! And they were a present! And they are mine! And they’ve already all been scanned and entered into our library software. They need to be read ASAP, obviously.

So, yeah. I may be quiet for a while longer. Sorry.


Rufus Wainwright (gets me happy)

Rufus Wainwright does Judy Garland’s Get Happy