The paperwork sendoff

Earlier this week  Beloved went to the municipality to pay a metric shitton of euros, sign some documents and officially request naturalization. *yay*

Yesterday it became clear that the semi-coalition of “Christian Party”  with “Liberal Party” supported by “Racist Party” has collapsed. This means that if the changes to the law on double nationalities still come under the vote, Liberal Party won’t be held hostage by the Christian Racists and can vote against.

Also, if the people can get their heads out of their asses we can now proceed to (please, pwetty pwease) elect some non-racist politicians (if they also know how to not destroy education and stop the housing market from collapsing in on itself, that would be ah-MAZ-ing, yeah?)

Let’s hope, folks. For a speedy naturalizations, but moreso for smart people turning out to vote and the right people getting elected.



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