Ticking boxes

Hard work pays off sometimes. Last Friday it paid off in two ways.

One: me and my teammates were able to tick off all boxes on our copy. It is now off our desks and in the hands of the printers. Our first book as a team (and, in my case, with recognized authorship) is being put together. And the book is good. Solid. Well-researched. Meeting needs. Uniform. Sorely awaited by an audience that’s rarely catered to. Something to really be proud of. Something that was worth the four weeks of up to 16 hour work days with added weekend work.

Two: Beloved received the results of an exam he took a few weeks ago (when I was too busy to post). He is now qualified for naturalization, which we will proceed with when he returns form his work trip. This means that the only immigration authorities we’ll have to deal with from now on, are the American ones. However, we will still have to deal with the municipality (and they’ll have to contact the immigrations-people, but that’s not our problem). Now we have to hope we finish the process before the law on double nationalities passes. Fingers crossed!

There are still many things to do like read the proofs (me), file with the municipality (us), write the supporting documentation for the book (me) and investigate American universities (Beloved), but this weekend is for down time. I’ve earned it!

Just a few more days before Beloved comes back from the Middle East. I can’t wait.


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