I need a new category

My Inner Feminist.

Why? Because she’s on my mind a lot. She’s on my mind when I think about moving to the US, especially. She’s also on my mind at work, although she profiles herself more as an equalist:

“Explain to me why we need to use ‘he’ and ‘his’ every time we discuss a random member of parliament…”
“It is unacceptable to not also mention abortion when talking about reproductive choice!”
“We need to give examples of bisexuals explicitly!”
“We have used two examples that follow gender roles, now we need to give one that doesn’t. Therefore this lady is a welder and her partner is a kindergarten teacher.”
“Of course men can be raped too, that’s why we need to use this example and not reverse the genders.”
“Did you honestly just propose to write ‘Men who want to have a high social status will marry only attractive women’ in a textbook? That perpetuates stereotypes.”
“We need to portray interracial relationships.”
“That picture is a prime example of cultural appropriation, so we cannot use it. Do you need me to explain what cultural appropriation is?”
“We must provide a consent based model for sexual conversations.”
“Culture does NOT equate religion, and our content needs to reflect that.”
“Where are the atheists and agnostics in this book?”

And so on. It’s interesting to see what people care about when it comes to teaching other people things. In my case, the examples above give you a pretty good idea – a lot of my most passionate knowledge transfer ideas focus on gender stereotypes, sexual behaviour and racial politics.

In my private life it’s harder. My Inner Feminist is a lot less articulated when it comes to personal matters. I feel the feelings, the unrest and I can pinpoint which subjects bring them about (mostly job security, career opportunities (and a possible lack thereof) and, to a lesser extent, money), but I haven’t yet figured out what it is she needs to have in order to be happy. Posts under the “My Inner feminist” category will hopefully allow me to work through these things and help me get a better idea of what it is I’m scared of.


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