After another workweek that was not much than work and sleep, I am happy to report that we will most likely succeed in handing off our book to the printers five weeks early.

I’m less proud to report that I’m behind on almost everything else (not counting hygiene and food, those are fine). There are piles of people to whom I owe e-mails and visits. I promise y’all – I’ll get to it soon. Although, maybe not that soon. Beloved is leaving for the Middle-East in a few days and I need to handle his immigrational/naturalizational requirements in that period. We need to file taxes (jointly, which is new, and in two countries, which is new for me). An eye needs to be kept on the cat who keeps getting skinnier and isn’t too fond of his kidney-diet-food. The invitations for The Wedding – Part III need to be sent out and RSVPs need to be tracked.

Oh, and I have angry, angry letters to write to political parties and newspapers. A “Christian” party currently part of ruling coalition in our country’s government has filed a request for a change in law pertaining to nationalities. In short, they would like to eliminate all possibilities for dual citizenship other than through birth. Why, you ask?

My idea is that they’ve spent too much time listening to another party that holds the current coalition hostage. This party is undemocratic (it has no actual members and exists only out of incompetent sockpuppets who copy their racist leader’s xenophobic anti-muslim sentiments) and has managed through populistic tactics to gather the votes of a part of the uneducated malcontents in our society. With this party’s support, the ruling coalition has a majority. Without it, they need to beg for support at the other parties.

So, in order to pacify the racist party’s demands, the “Christian” party has taken up some of their anti-immigrant resolutions and has proposed legislation to prevent people from having dual citizenship. The proposed legislation is ineffective for two reasons:
– it does not target the people the racist (and the “Christian”) party see as most undesirable (namely, Muslims, mostly from Morocco);
– it targets a whole host of other people, a lot of them well-educated expats and diplomats as well as people with foreign partners.

In our current laws regarding nationalities, you would lose your original nationality upon voluntarily assuming another one, unless you’re married to a person who has this nationality. This works both ways. An American with a Dutch partner can gain Dutch citizenship without losing his American one. A Dutch person who has an American partner can obtain the American nationality without losing the Dutch one.

If this mariage-related exception is taken from the law, it will complicated the lives of many Dutchies as an unintended consequence. However, people from several countries (among which Morocco and Argentinia) are by their homelands’ laws prohibited from giving up their citizenship. Meaning that if they obtain Dutch nationality, they’ll still be able to have dual citizenships. This makes the proposed law change ineffective for the purposes of both racist Party and “Christian” party: their goal is to limit people bringing foreign (read: muslim) brides into the country and make it less attractive for people to remigrate to their home countries after “securing” benefits at a Dutch level (the fact that this is somehow undesirable even though Dutch pensioners migrate to cheaper countries with Dutch level benefits all the time shows you the hypocrisy and racism involved).

Why pass the law if even a half-informed layperson like myself can see that it will not serve its intended purpose? Only to appease the socially underdeveloped class of people that thinks racism is acceptable if you clothe it in the guise of concern for a culture (that for centuries has thrived on bringing in foreign influences)? I guess it makes me somewhat undemocratic, but in this case I feel that politicians should advocate the welfare of the country instead of give in to the growling of an underbelly that whines about foreigners while chomping pizza, kabobs and roti.

Extra disappointment is involved with the source of this proposed change of law. If a party wants to call itself Christian, it should by definition refrain from anything involving racism or discrimination or behaviour that is otherwise intolerant, unmerciful, unkind and unforgiving. Also, how can you uphold “family” as a core value to your belief if you feel a country’s government has the right to prevent families from forming (and breaking up others, in fact) for the sake of money or other people’s fear of the unknown?

When Ruth followed Naomi to the land of Moab, was she stopped at the border? Did someone tell her no, I’m sorry, we will not let you in because you’re travelling with another woman (and we’ll only let you in if you’re in a heterosexual and officially sanctioned relationship with one of our own)? Did they say she should be scrutinized for marrying a man from Moab? No, they didn’t and in fact they understood the kinship between Ruth and Naomi and acknowledged that, indeed, Naomi’s land was Ruth’s land and. They understood then, that love and loyalty cannot be bound by borders of nations. The fact that the mainstream “Christian” party has managed to conveniently forget this in 2012 for the sake of petty nationalism and etnocentrism shows what a sad excuse for actual love for they neighbours they preach once their own wallet is involved.



4 Responses to “Deadlines..”

  1. 1 fadinggender March 19, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Not to mention that the PVV’s nationalism know many levels. Even at a provincial level when it concerns animals. Yes… the PVV in the province of Utrecht wants big game to be shot at the moment the cross an ecoduct. That multimillion euro ecoduct structure that is built with the purpose of alowing wild animals to migrate and roam free between the nation’s nature preserves.

    You know why: large animals should stay in their own area. When they migragate in to the province the are a nuisance. Because they cuase a lot of trafficrobberies (The PVV spokesperson really said “overvallen”).

    • 2 thesmittenimmigrant March 31, 2012 at 7:43 pm

      Bwaahahahha. Well, CDA is becoming as bad as the PVV. Bunch of racists, the lot of them.

      I’m kind of hoping the negotiations crash, so we can go vote again. Seriously, these people are shitting all over the spirit of our country.

  2. 3 Amanda March 24, 2012 at 8:46 am

    Oh that law. I really hope it does not pass. It does not make any sense and it has the potential to affect dutch citizens, namely, expats.
    I really do not get this kind of reaction since historically, I was under the impression this was a culture very open to “other” cultures, and has adopted much of them.

    • 4 thesmittenimmigrant March 31, 2012 at 7:46 pm

      I know, right? Way back in the seventeenth century we were so much more accepting and open (Huguenots who fled here, for instance). I don’t understand where all the fear comes from. I just don’t see a single way in which xenophobic behaviour can benefit this country. We’re just too small to get away with any kind of isolationist policy

      In every conceivable way this law would be bad. It doesn’t do what it’s designed to do and alienates a lot of people one wouldn’t want to alienate.

      It’s just.. sad.. and weird.

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