Choose life…

There wasn’t much choosing about it, honestly.

Last week on Friday the phone rang in the middle of the night. My grandfather had just died, peacefully and quietly.

We came home on Sunday. Worked on Monday. Due to the derailing of a colleague’s project our deadlines were moved forward. I worked a 15 hour day. Tuesday, I did the same. Wednesday, 16 hours. On Thursday I worked only two hours before going on a long drive to my grandfather’s funeral, where I was productive in the handkerchief-wetting department. Afterwards, I decided I was hopelessly unfit to work for the rest of that day. Put in a “normal” day on Friday.

The upside? No perceivable jet lag whatsoever. I still wouldn’t recommend a week program like this, though. There must be a nicer way to avoid the wooziness of adjusting your internal clock.

I really do need another few hours of quality time with my keyboard to make sure this chapter is press-ready, but Monday is soon enough.

Talk to you all later!


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