A high intensity long weekend

I have today off. I had yesterday off too. One of Beloved’s longtime friends is spending time in Europe, and we had invited him to come by for a few days so we could hang out and talk tech and politics and travel and other things. We’d relax, chill, chat and eat.

Before joining us the friend spent some time in another city in Europe, from which he would come to us by train. Two days before his arrival he called. A railroad strike prevented him from taking his booked train, meaning he would arrive at least 24 hours late. Beloved and I quickly decided that the mountain could come to Moses if Moses was so severely delayed. We rented a car and drove a few hundred kilometers to Lille, arriving a day early to the pretty city. No better excuse for a mini-weekend trip, right?

Photo by James Stringer under a Creative Commons License

We nearly lost our gonads to frostbite from taking in the gorgeous sights all Sunday and slept in the Lille Motel (a most depressing former maternity ward). They have us the “Rotterdam”-themed room, sweet eh? Their breakfast was pretty good too. After some good coffee in a reader-friendly cafe we picked up our friend at the station and drove home, where we arrived with a little time to spare before our ever moody but most lovable cat Moodypuss had to undergo a check at the vet.

MoodyPuss has been losing weight, lately. A friend and ex-vet confirmed my suspicions in this regard and told us to take him in, which we did yesterday. After MoodyPuss had been felt up rather thoroughly and nothing seemed all that off, they asked us for permission for a urine test. And then a blood test. We took Moodypuss back home and received the test results three hours later. Beloved took the call and soon reported that our cat has lost at least 75% of his kidney function, I suppose it’s not surprising for a fifteen year old cat to have kidney problems and I have since learned that it’s not unusual for a cat not to show symptoms until in the later stages of failure, but man…Wish I’d known.

Today MoodyPuss had to go back to the vet (he struggled like a champ when we put him in the carrier, but to no avail: the Mean Hoomins won again). He’ll stay in the clinic for three days, receiving a type of dialysis (blood-cleaning from built-up toxins) and come back to a limited-expectancy life of diet food and no treats. We hope he gains some weight back and can spend a few more happy, healthy months with us.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to work. It will be very relaxing and hopefully no one will strike or be diagnosed with any terminal illnesses.


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