The final bill

for the wedding came in.

I haven’t added everything up yet, but I think we managed to do it for less than 5000 euro, pre-nup included. Sweet 🙂 The estimate so far:

pre-nup: €800

wedding dinner: €1500

ceremony location / catering: €500

photographer: €1200

rings: €300

my outfit: free (although €30 for shoes)

his outfit: I’m not “allowed” to know 🙂

hotel room for wedding night: €160


That’s €4490.. meaning that even if I forgot €500 in costs, we’re still under 5 grand. Not bad! (high five to self).

In the mean time I’ve been enjoying my time alone. The week days are full enough with work (a process referred to as “democratic book writing”) and keeping up with the house. I took the weekend off. Just lounged around on the couch, took two long walks and tried to think of nothing serious whatsoever.

Ten days until Beloved comes back home. I’m looking forward to it, but honestly, I think it was really good for me to spend some time by myself. We hadn’t been apart since April (well, one night, before the wedding, but does that count?) and I can tell I craved it. It’s funny how surprised people’s responses are when I tell them this. They act like it means we don’t love each other enough. It makes me want to rewrite this (rather internet-famous) article “Caring for your introvert” to make it a little less man-centered and perhaps a tad bit less elitist?


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