Bachelor party

Because I was all kinds of worried about it. And I didn’t really want one (I wanted Beloved to have one, though).

Why I didn’t want one? Worried I didn’t have enough friends who’d show up. Silly, because I have a whole bunch of friends. They’re just.. spread out. And they don’t all know each other. And there is no one who knows “all” of them.

Beloved has a close-knit group of friends, on the other hand. They all hang out a lot. They party. They’re a delightfully wild bunch of varied plumage and I love them all. I was totally understanding if that whole group of guys and galls wanted to party and celebrate the demise of their (rather “eternal bachelor-type”) friend’s single life. So when the first oral hint came that “we” were supposed to keep a Saturday free, I filed it away as “just for him”. And I felt maybe a leeeeettle bit disappointed. Until his female best friend came over and I mentioned “their” Bachelor party and she told me in no uncertain terms that I was expected to be there too.

Oh.. Oh.. Can I handle that? Are they not too extrovert for my introversy?

Now, Beloved and I are openminded folks. I would have been delighted to see him and all of his male and female friends go to a strip club or a fetish party or.. I don’t know. But I got to go too? Wicked! And scary!

One day before the party, the friend called us and told us to bring sports clothes. Wut? Sports? Cue nervousness and worry (of course).

In the end, it was probably the best party I’ve ever had :). We were picked up, dressed in ridiculous outfits (a crown and feather boa for me – the king, and a tiara and boa for him – the queen) and marched through town. We were to go take pole dancing classes with twelve of our friends, male and female, athletic and absolutely sedentary. Hilarious.

A mysterious reason forced us to wait. First rocking out to music, then sitting on two chairs, back to back. We were blindfolded, and that’s when the strippers came. Ha! I got a striptease. From a really nice guy in a police uniform. Beloved got a police officer too, but a lady. They dripped candle wax on us and covered us in body lotion and whipped cream. Awesome!

We picked up more friends and went out to dinner (stinking of massage oil and dressed in our ridiculously bright and colourful outfits) and then onward to a metal bar for drinks. Loads and loads and loads of drinks. We played a clothes swapping game and the whole bar ended up shirtless, including the barkeeper and patrons who had nothing to do with our party altogether.

We were in bed around 6 AM and I managed to not have a hangover (although I could not move my arms for two days either – pole dancing is hard work).

It was fantastic and I think debaucherous co-ed bachelor parties should become all the rage 🙂


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