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People have started to ask

“does it feel different, being married?”

And I’m all like “I don’t know? Yet? Maybe later?”

It feels like I’m still coming down from the day. Still receiving congratulations and people being all excited towards me and expecting me to know what for without any further context.

I’m continuously amazed by how much people care. Never in my life have I done anything that has caused such an outpouring of love and support from people. It’s really rather magical. I’ll write more on me (maybe) feeling different at another time. So far, I have to say that mostly other people see us differently. It takes some getting used to.

It’s time!

A lovely Australian commercial that needs more attention.


Happy all around :)

I’m sitting at work and e-ve-ry-body has come to congratulate me. It’s soooo sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ My immediate colleagues also put a little present on my desk for us, with a sweet card attached.

In the mean time I’ve sent all the previously gathered information about getting a second nationality to the Beloved. He has the week off, so I think he’ll make a trip to the municipal authorities to request naturalization.

As far as I can tell he has all the documents he needs readily available and it seems he would be an easy case who meets all the requirements. Hopefully we’ll get this next step done soon! Once the application is official, we should start a study regime for the GRE. And we need to plan the trip to the US in February.

Plenty to do, in any case.

There! All done..

We’re weddinged! It all went splendidly. No axe-murdering or strangling. It was fantastic! Where to begin? What to tell?

MiL and FiL arrived on Tuesday. BiL and SiL and nephew arrived on Thursday, as well as our photographer Patrick Moran. I worked until Thursday evening in the hopes of keeping myself sane by having at least a few hours of non-wedding-worries a day. Thrusday night I was exhausted, but I still think it was a good idea. After work I had a quick meeting with all the assembled guests, as well as Beloved, before rushing off to the hair dresser.

They made me wait for 45 minutes. Planning mistake. I wish I had known, I could have used those minutes to have some food (and maybe another glass of wine, yeah?), but whatever. They eventually did my hair, and I went to my parental home. We sat and talked until 2 AM, after which I went to sleep.

Up at 8.15 the next day, shower, breakfast, and at 10.30 the make-up lady came. I tried to read a newspaper after she was done with me (but working on my mum and my brother’s girlfriend) and failed. At some point I got dressed. We had a little trouble finding out how to connect the lace blouse to the transparant bra-straps (to keep everything in place), but soon I was ready to have my picture taken by the makeup lady. It was the first time to wear the entire outfit at once (because of the many fittings I’d worn all the items before, but never all together). Very soon, the taxi came, and we piled way too many bags and umbrellas in the back and hoisted ourselves up on the benches.

As we approached the house of Beloved and me, I got a little tingly. Contrary to my expectations, Beloved jerked the door open as I approached. I thought he’d wait upstairs for a first look, but he’d explain later that due to some planning oversights with regards to everyone getting dressed, he’d been helping with setting things up until the very minute we arrived. Loads of hugs were exchanged between members of both families, followed by a flurry of drinks, nibbles, pictures and hat swapping (both me and Beloved wore hats, and they made for excellent photo props). We also did a brief couple shoot in our Master bedroom (and hopefully at least one or two of the pictures of us and our cat worked out .

(take a breath here, if you need one )

The next set of cabs arrived soon, and we all piled in to go to the observatory where we had time for coffee and tea. After that breather, the civil servant came out and started the ceremony. She was excellent. We had only briefly mentioned Thanksgiving to her, but she made it an important theme in the ceremony, focusing on the importance of family and togetherness. We had given her some pointers about what she could say as a gesture of gratitude towards our parents, and that all tied together very well. She then proceeded to talk about the importance of space and freedom in relationships, and she brought up the famous quote from Kahlil Gibran on marriage. That was especially lovely, since it was a text I had considered including, but felt it was a bit overused. That she, unfamiliar with American wedding readings, chose it for us anyway, was very touching. She also mentioned how fitting the location was for us, book loving sci-fi geeks, which everyone agreed on. Hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, our vows. I could not resist but make a tiny little joke saying (instead of ” I take you”) “I choose you” ย in Pokemon style before continuing in all seriousness. We then swore to abide by all spousal duties that the law requires and were pronounced man and wife. Kissssesssss! Rings followed, and then we signed the certificate, together with out witnesses. We were then congratulated and I could see my dad was still all choked up and teary. So sweet! It was a lovely moment to hug everyone there and have them all be my family.

We had another break then, with more coffee and tea and sweets. Our little nephew took a particular liking to the muffins, and ate at least two. Patrick used this time to take a lot of pictures of the library we were in. We also did some group pictures.

After everyone has settled down a little, my mum had a very lovely speech. She has the love letters we were asked to write, as well as a bottle of very nice cognac and a small wooden box with our initials and wedding date. She told us that marriage is not always easy, but that if we ever reach a real, real crisis, we should open the box and read the letters and feel what we were feeling when we wrote them. We would have the cognac to help us through the tough talks and to celebrate together after solving our differences (This is where both me and the Beloved ย got a little choked up). She gave us each a nail and then we got a hammer and nailed the box shut. I think it’s lovely and hope we never need to open that box.

After this moment all the other things we had arranged were a lovely bonus. We got ย brief tour of the observatory and (most awesomely) the sky had cleared and we were able to see Jupiter through the telescope. The telescope is old, but it showed us three of Jupiter’s largest moons, as well as two of the biggest red bands on the planet’s surface. It felt very special to have everybody stand in the dark, see the roof turn to the right angle, then see the telescope turn and try to find out what we were looking at. I think Patrick had fun shooting pictures at the location.

When the tour was over we went to the restaurant, checked in for our hotel room and met up with the baby sitter to hand off the little nephew, who was by then exhausted. We agreed with BiL and SiL that the baby sitter would call us if anything was up, and then went back down to enjoy dinner. The food was fantastic. There were several extra small courses, and the dishes we had picked were exquisite. FiL gave a really sweet toast, and my dad had a funny speech. The rest of the meal was mostly filled with people getting to know each other. It was really great to see everyone interact. So much love ๐Ÿ™‚

As a conclusion: I’m glad we did it the way we did. We had just the right amount of guests (nine, counting nephew) and just the right activities and well. Nothing went wrong (although it didn’t go as planned – an important distinction) and it was all just very, very, very great.

Also, hotdamn, my man is even sexier with that piece of shiny around his finger ๐Ÿ™‚ Can_Not_Resist!

Patrick said he hoped to have a preview of the pictures in a week, or so. I’m looking forward to that. You should too, since I plan to post a few.

Bachelor party

Because I was all kinds of worried about it. And I didn’t really want one (I wanted Beloved to have one, though).

Why I didn’t want one? Worried I didn’t have enough friends who’d show up. Silly, because I have a whole bunch of friends. They’re just.. spread out. And they don’t all know each other. And there is no one who knows “all” of them.

Beloved has a close-knit group of friends, on the other hand. They all hang out a lot. They party. They’re a delightfully wild bunch of varied plumage and I love them all. I was totally understanding if that whole group of guys and galls wanted to party and celebrate the demise of their (rather “eternal bachelor-type”) friend’s single life. So when the first oral hint came that “we” were supposed to keep a Saturday free, I filed it away as “just for him”. And I felt maybe a leeeeettle bit disappointed. Until his female best friend came over and I mentioned “their” Bachelor party and she told me in no uncertain terms that I was expected to be there too.

Oh.. Oh.. Can I handle that? Are they not too extrovert for my introversy?

Now, Beloved and I are openminded folks. I would have been delighted to see him and all of his male and female friends go to a strip club or a fetish party or.. I don’t know. But I got to go too? Wicked! And scary!

One day before the party, the friend called us and told us to bring sports clothes. Wut? Sports? Cue nervousness and worry (of course).

In the end, it was probably the best party I’ve ever had :). We were picked up, dressed in ridiculous outfits (a crown and feather boa for me – the king, and a tiara and boa for him – the queen) and marched through town. We were to go take pole dancing classes with twelve of our friends, male and female, athletic and absolutely sedentary. Hilarious.

A mysterious reason forced us to wait. First rocking out to music, then sitting on two chairs, back to back. We were blindfolded, and that’s when the strippers came. Ha! I got a striptease. From a really nice guy in a police uniform. Beloved got a police officer too, but a lady. They dripped candle wax on us and covered us in body lotion and whipped cream. Awesome!

We picked up more friends and went out to dinner (stinking of massage oil and dressed in our ridiculously bright and colourful outfits) and then onward to a metal bar for drinks. Loads and loads and loads of drinks. We played a clothes swapping game and the whole bar ended up shirtless, including the barkeeper and patrons who had nothing to do with our party altogether.

We were in bed around 6 AM and I managed to not have a hangover (although I could not move my arms for two days either – pole dancing is hard work).

It was fantastic and I think debaucherous co-ed bachelor parties should become all the rage ๐Ÿ™‚


yet important. Last night I nicked two blank flash cards from our ‘let’s practise vocab for the GRE-pile’ and wrote our vows on them.

I really like that accidental symbol. We both see this wedding as a first step leading up to bigger life ambitions of going back to school (him), of moving to another continent (us), re-starting a career and trying to live off a keyboard (me) and generally making this planet our oyster (us).

It makes me wonder how we’ll look back on the start of it all 10, 25 years from now.

Serious counting down

We’ve almost achieved lift-off. Four more nights and then it’s Wedding Day.

Today I made the last arrangements with the hotel (a crib, so that toddler and babysitter can be comfy in our hotel room) and sent my brother the list of all the times people need to be in taxis (as well as what taxis they need to be in).

The “last” fitting on Saturday went well, but one piece needed to be taken in a little more, so it will be delivered to my parents’ place on Wednesday. I need to buy new pantyhose..

Beloved’s parents are flying in tomorrow. Let’s see how things will go.

I’m so glad I get to keep on working until Thursday. Less time to worry!

Things to be grateful for

Because.. you know.. balance.

– Beloved. Who is awesome. And adorable. And makes puppy noises when I wake him up before leaving for work.
– Outfit. Because it is a) mostly free b) stunning and c) actually bride-ish looking. d) purple boots and a massive royalty-type hat.
– My mom. Because when I ask her to help me, she will. She arranged a bouttonniere-type-thing (never even had to give an opinion: awesome) and a make up lady. She could’ve done more too, if I asked.
– my skin. Normally I’m rather prone to acne (up to the point of medical intervention), especially in times of stress. Right now, though, my skin is actually looking seriously good. Fingers crossed for no bouts of hormonal type breakouts.
– friends. For listening to me rant about things and for throwing me and Beloved an absolutely kick-ass Bachelor/ette party (more later).