I ordered shoes and they have come in. This Saturday I’ll go try on the mock ups of the clothes my uncle has made. I’ll also pick fabrics then, meaning that Beloved can finally go out to shop as well (tbh, he seems so completely unconcerned that I’m beginning to think he either has already picked an outfit or just plans to show up wearing the Spongebob Squarepants boxer briefs I bought him a  while back. That would be cool with me – his

I would be miffed that I’d have to go get all dressed up, though. It’s rather paradoxical that (judging by this blog) I’ve so much time and mental hard drive space on wedding clothes.  Precisely because I don’t care about clothes _at all_, I feel the need to show that I can do it (show up in something stylish, suited to me and to the occasion, unique, representing of me and blahblahblah) when I put my mind to it. Look at me showing off my excellent “deciding trivial shit-skills”! (APW had a great post about decision fatigue a while back – I love them). So yeah. Underwear, sorted. Shoes, sorted. Fabrics and actual outfit, to be sorted soon. Sexy Nightwear (cuz the underwear is the most unsexy thing I’ve worn in my life.. and I wear guy’s boxer briefs religiously), still debating it.

Today: e-mail the lawyers to say we approve of the pre-nup concept. Contact the restaurant for an appointment for customizing a menu and setting a budget (<== the first time we’re even using the word 😛 Aren’t we insane awesome?).

Unrelated: my mom will do “something” with flowers. I don’t quite know what, but it seemed important to her so we told her to feel free, as long as I didn’t need to carry anything. Maybe she can stick something in my hat? I also asked her to arrange someone who can do make up, because I’m a noob (although I’ve gotten to a point where I can apply mascara without poking myself in the eye, *yay me*). My skin isn’t very good, and since I don’t want to cringe whenever I look at the pictures later, I need some professional face-painting to take place.

Other consideration: should I approach my GP and ask for some help? It’s really not normal to be almost-thirty and have acne as severely as I do.  Hmmpf.

(Indication of being Done With Wedding Planning: looking forward to fighting immigration authorities and bureaucracy, right? Right??)



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