An oldie..

That’s when the busy hit. I managed half a post some time last week (or was it the week before?). Did not get around to finishing it, but I’ll post it anyway.

“Last night was awesome. We had friends over (well.. some of my colleagues, ones I get along with well), and Beloved and I talked to them about our ambitions. And after they left, we talked about them together. We talked about which values we want to adhere to and how they will influence career paths and future choices. Of course, everything is open to change still, since we’re talking so far into the future, but it seems pretty clear cut that, while neither of us dislikes this country, we just want to get away. Run. Cut loose from the place where I was born and grew up and where he did a decade of maturing.

It leaves me wondering where I’ll end up and what I’ll do. I have dreams (or ambitions) aplenty, but how will they fare in a country so radically different than my own. And how will they be influenced by the ambitions of the Beloved? We’re very much alike; we share ideals, values and ambitions. The way we go about achieving them is radically different, though. I research everything way in advance, make sure that I have a significant amount of internalized knowledge before I act on anything. Beloved researches as he goes along.

That’s why I’m already reading up on education policy in the US (and yes, I’ve seen “Waiting for Superman”), and it’s why I’ve looked at copywriting and editing jobs and why I’ve researched freelancing. It’s also why I’ve looked into what kinds of political activities can endanger a request for naturalization or even get a green card holder deported. Turns out those last two things are pretty easy … People have been deported for shoplifting (crimes involving moral turpitude). I’d better also not involve myself in political activism (assault is considered an aggravated felony, so if a protest turns even a little violent, a case could be made against me very easily.”


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