A pain in the.. feet.

Last Friday was a depressing, depressing day.

Well.. we picked up the rings, the engraving is gorgeous and it’s a comforting thought to have them back on the mantelpiece, sitting there until that fateful day. 66 days from now. It seems really close.

It means I need shoes. I’m not a fashionista (quite the opposite, really) and have not cared about shoes ever. Being “forced” to care, being forced to spend hours shopping for a colour that is absolutely unfindable just makes me want to call designer-uncle and tell him “nevermind, I’ll wear jeans”.

That’s not an option, though. So, with calves too fat for designer boots and feet too average to fit into the last, unusual sizes of last season’s sale, I’ve taken to the internet. My pair of “dream boots” will not go back in production until December, so they’re out. And after many hours of grumbling and frowning and muttering curses about damned weddings (as well as cancelling social appointments and sitting in a dark room while hugging my knees), I think I’ve found some websites that ship here from the US that have purple boots that are at least a) affordable enough to buy without trying and b) somewhat comfortable to walk in and c) bright purple.

I’ll try my damnedest to order a pair tonight. If designer uncle wishes to object, he could have been more specific in his instructions.

Ha! Once the wedding stuff is over, I’m so going to buy myself some actual cool boots, though, because I had no idea they had things this awesome out there. The more you know.


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