Still to do:

Tomorrow, I’m going to get our rings engraved (and I take tremendous joy in the fact that we’ll put our nicknames in them).

I’ll also shop for boots.. Truly, I think I’ve found my ultimate pair, but no one in Europe sells them. I may have to make a deal with my in-laws, ask them to ship the boots to me (after the one shop that still seems to have this model ships the boots to them).  Here, have a picture and tell me they’re not the best thing ever:

Beside all that, I need to select more texts. Or rather. Select a few from the ones left after  Beloved went through my primary selection. Maybe find some more too (because most of what I’ve found appears to have seen more use than the Manhattan subway system).

Vows, too. I can maybe set up a set of criteria to choose from and see how Beloved feels about them.

Tickets and honeymoon: Beloved’s parents gave us a date for the reception in the US. We need to book tickets and plan for the next honeymoon (we plan on a gorgeous Amtrak train trip, through the Rockies, in winter, w00T)

Translations: speeches and toasts need to be made available in both languages. Readings and vows too.

Breathe: easy to forget, these days.


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