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Honeymoon phase 1

Well.. Not the actual first bit, but the first bit we booked, for sure.

We managed to secure an awesome deal on Amtrak. This winter (this cold, snowy, white winter) we will have a bedroom on the California Zephyr, all the way from San Fran to Denver. It will be awesome 🙂

I can’t wait…

A pain in the.. feet.

Last Friday was a depressing, depressing day.

Well.. we picked up the rings, the engraving is gorgeous and it’s a comforting thought to have them back on the mantelpiece, sitting there until that fateful day. 66 days from now. It seems really close.

It means I need shoes. I’m not a fashionista (quite the opposite, really) and have not cared about shoes ever. Being “forced” to care, being forced to spend hours shopping for a colour that is absolutely unfindable just makes me want to call designer-uncle and tell him “nevermind, I’ll wear jeans”.

That’s not an option, though. So, with calves too fat for designer boots and feet too average to fit into the last, unusual sizes of last season’s sale, I’ve taken to the internet. My pair of “dream boots” will not go back in production until December, so they’re out. And after many hours of grumbling and frowning and muttering curses about damned weddings (as well as cancelling social appointments and sitting in a dark room while hugging my knees), I think I’ve found some websites that ship here from the US that have purple boots that are at least a) affordable enough to buy without trying and b) somewhat comfortable to walk in and c) bright purple.

I’ll try my damnedest to order a pair tonight. If designer uncle wishes to object, he could have been more specific in his instructions.

Ha! Once the wedding stuff is over, I’m so going to buy myself some actual cool boots, though, because I had no idea they had things this awesome out there. The more you know.

Still to do:

Tomorrow, I’m going to get our rings engraved (and I take tremendous joy in the fact that we’ll put our nicknames in them).

I’ll also shop for boots.. Truly, I think I’ve found my ultimate pair, but no one in Europe sells them. I may have to make a deal with my in-laws, ask them to ship the boots to me (after the one shop that still seems to have this model ships the boots to them).  Here, have a picture and tell me they’re not the best thing ever:

Beside all that, I need to select more texts. Or rather. Select a few from the ones left after  Beloved went through my primary selection. Maybe find some more too (because most of what I’ve found appears to have seen more use than the Manhattan subway system).

Vows, too. I can maybe set up a set of criteria to choose from and see how Beloved feels about them.

Tickets and honeymoon: Beloved’s parents gave us a date for the reception in the US. We need to book tickets and plan for the next honeymoon (we plan on a gorgeous Amtrak train trip, through the Rockies, in winter, w00T)

Translations: speeches and toasts need to be made available in both languages. Readings and vows too.

Breathe: easy to forget, these days.


Things are coming together. Yesterday we decided on a rough schedule for November 25. Not only have we roughly decided who gets to be where at what time, but also when what will be served to whom.

My mom will have to deal with the fact that Beloved will not come to pick me up at the house of the parents of the bride, tradition or no. We’ll also avoid any awkward waiting in front of the location (in possibly very shitty weather). Instead, I’ll spend Thursday night over at my parents, dress there and meet with someone who will smear make up on my face better than I can. Then, me and ‘mine’ will pile into a taxi and travel to casa  Beloved & SmittenImmigrant. In preparation of our arrival, a kind of sugary treat will have been delivered, and can be served with espresso from our own, fancy-ass machine.

There will also be room and time for pictures.

It may be a little cramped with eleven adults and one toddler in our living room, but if we can get Patrick to shoot some pics with me and Beloved (ideally up in our gorgeous, awesome bedroom!), the parents and siblings can gorge themselves on candy and caffeine, and we can all be somewhat settled in before another van pulls up to whisk us off to the observatory’s library for the ceremony.

Then, the ceremony and more pictures, and a tour through the observatory (I so hope the sky is clear so we can look at a cool planet through the telescope) before heading off to the fancy ass restaurant Beloved and I test-ate at, last week. I guess that’s where toasts and speeches will take place.

After the tastiest of treats, we’ll all roll into respective cabs to head home in safety.