The moment has come

exactly 100 days before the ceremony, while sorting through venues for the reception in the US, Beloved uttered the fateful words..

“I wish we had eloped.”

I love that man. With a photographer who is now threatening to cancel on us (despite us offering a generous financial compensation on top of the agreement we had already made with him) and my mom continuously wanting us to come over to talk things through (what things? There are no things she needs to do, except show up on Nov. 25) and his brother who cannot even commit to telling us whether or not we should arrange a bloody baby sitter, and a venue search that is not helped by us knowing nothing about the city we need to find venues in, its no more than understandable that he experiences this sentiment. I wish I could give him a condensed version of the gallons of APWisdom I’ve soaked up without annoying him more, but the best I can do i leave him some time with a book (well.. and I bought him a Wii game as a 100 days until-present).

Anyway. Paraphrasing the man: we’re in it now, it will all be fine and in the end the receptions will be nice, even though we never really wanted them.


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