Can’t sleep..

I’ll blame it on jetlag. And maybe on the fact that there are no more “big” things happening between now and Getting Hitched Day and my mind is beginning to save most of it’s processing power for wedding stuff, leaving me wide awake, next to a sleeping Beloved (occasional tiny snores.. awww).

Yesterday, I drafted the document for the lawyers who will help us with the prenup. We also had an unexpected dinner-and-movie-date-night, during which we bounced more ideas off each other. A designer friend could maybe help us with a logo for the site (we’ll build) and the RSVP-business cards that we may choose to print to go with the invitation. A “first look” right before the ceremony. An idea for my haircut. A draft guest list for the US reception. Wanting to find a slightly ‘edgy’ poetry reading for the ceremony.

I have yet to bring up vows – judging by how much of a sweet talker Beloved is, I think he’ll like the idea of making our own.

Oh, and tomorrow I will call Uncle Fashion Designer for an appointment to get my measurements taken. Mom said she’ll come with. I’m curious what ideas he’ll have and I have decided that since I don’t have to pay, it does not need to be something I would or could wear again. Ha!

102 days to go!


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