Post-holiday post

As sort of predicted by my last contribution here, I went underground for a while. Long enough to travel to Michigan and Colorado (with a tiny detour through Wyoming) and get some high intensity interaction with the Beloved  as well as jetlag (twice). I didn’t even bring a laptop. I loved it!

The dreaded family reunion was intense, but rather lovely. Everybody made me feel very welcome, and seemed to be very enthusiastic about our future plans. It has been very interesting to see more of his ‘nest’ than just his parents, especially because I finally got to meet his brother. There also was a whole host of cousins, so me and my sister-in-law-to-be (the wife of Beloved’s brother) and I benefitted greatly from a family tree Beloved drew for me. In the best of traditions, we stuck it on the fridge and looked it over frequently.

Anyway. I think the ‘clan’  has welcomed me in and we seem to get along well, for which I’m grateful.

This visit has also made certain parts of wedding planning easier. Beloved’s parents requested if they were allowed to throw the reception in the US for us. We would get a say in the location and guest list as well as some other important aspects, but they would arrange (and pay) everything. We said yes. Which means we’ve now decided (roughly) on a time frame (somewhere between late January and early March 2012), have indicated a preference for a location (the Kennedy School in Portland, OR – we have a local aunt to thank for mentioning this) and are currently working on a guest list.

Oh, and no sit down dinner or formal dress code. *yay*

As to the ceremony here, it seems like Beloved’s brother will bring both wife and child to our country. I’m really happy to have them, especially since I get along with his wife well, but I really do wonder why they’re doing this to their toddler. They’re planning to come over for four days. The time difference is more than six hours. The flight will most likely be a more-than-eight-hours-long-red-eye. The ceremony and subsequent activities are in no way even remotely kid-friendly (meaning that, since I know she does not want to leave the kid with a sitter, sister-in-law will not be present for at least a part of the goings-on). I feel bad for the kid, who will have his entire rhythm messed up and will be put through little-kiddie-hell on a plane. I feel bad for my sister in law because she’ll be stuck with a fussy toddler in a strange environment and will miss out on a lot of interaction because of it. And, last but not least, I feel bad for Beloved and I. Even during the best of times we don’t qualify as kid-friendly people. It will be tough to stay understanding towards the little one’s antics when we’re the ones who (feel like we) deserve the spotlight, and tougher to deal with the constant noise and attention seeking when we’re stressed to hell and back with the enormity of what we’ll be doing.

We’ll see, I guess.

On another note – we have rings. Due to the dollar course and the tax situation as well as the cost of labour and real estate, jewelry is a whole lot cheaper in the US. And so we got ourselves a set of lovely, utterly simple wedding bands. *squee* Honestly, the sales lady first pointed out the men’s section, which had plenty plain and simple bands. Then she went to the ladies’ section which was sparkles and shiny all over.

I guess she sold me a men’s ring, but who gives 🙂


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