Important Words – Meg

I need words! No idea what the ceremony will be like yet, but I’m sure there will need to be words. And there are so many people who have said and written so many awesome words that I would be a fool not to collect the ones that I think may come in handy (or that I’ll never actually quote but will re-read and learn from).

And I’d like to start with a quote from Meg from A Practical Wedding (but not on APW but guest posting on the APW editor Lauren’s blog, Better in Real Life).

“After two years of marriage, and seven years in a committed relationship with the same person, I’ve found that life has a way of getting in the way of our us-ness. Often, I often feel like life is literally hanging out between us. Sitting on the couch with us, cc’ed on our emails, listening in our gchat. It is everywhere, all the time. Life is the million small things pressed into the big picture: it’s to-do lists, job applications, papers that need to be written, books that are due, businesses that need to be run. It’s finances that need to be juggled, vacations that need to be planned, parents that need to be cared for, dinner that needs to be cooked, and social calendars that need to be kept. It’s easy for our time together to be full of inquires, “Did you…” “Wouldn’t you…” “You didn’t…” “Have you…” It’s easy for discussions to center around what happened that day at work, and what needs to happen the next day at work, and groceries that need to be bought, not who we are and what we’re thinking and what we just read.”

I wanted to do another post tonight, but because of the health part of that upcoming ‘ in sickness and..’ I need to get my ass on our Body-Bike for some lung-friendly cardio.


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