Receptional thoughts

Earlier this week Beloved and I sat down for conversation. We’re leaving for the US in a few weeks. There will be a family reunion (argh!!). For a full week, I will interact closely with not just my direct in-laws-to-be, but another forty aunts and uncles and cousins. Have I ever mentioned I’m not good with groups? No? I should have..

This family will be the largest group of people present at the US reception. They’re also the reason we’re organizing said reception at all- that’s just one of those things we were given to understand. I’m sure you know what I mean.

In any case. I’ll be meeting them all for the first time. The second time I’ll see them, I’ll share their name. Oh dear.

Beloved’s idea about the reception was to only start thinking about it once the entire ceremony was over. Who cares if we only throw a party after we’ve been married for six months? USCIS does, unfortunately. With the change in the visa process as I’ve seen predicted so far, I’d possibly face ten months of not being allowed to travel to the US (when the visa application is running). Since our idea was to start the visa process immediately after the wedding, this would mean waiting close to a year before we could organize anything. That’s a bit much, even for Beloved. It would also prevent us from honeymooning in CA (getting a feel for the place to see if we would want to live there).

So, despite his hesitation to work on both the ceremony and the US reception at the same time, we’re now aiming for a reception in early 2012. Still a considerable time after the we get married (good, we can use a breather then, I think), but it avoids all the ridiculously expensive travel after the holidays, and only delays the visa process for a month or two. And, should we both decide that California is the last place we ever want to live, nothing is lost. We can still sell all our possessions and become nomads, without being stuck to a fixed time period in which I have to have a Point of Entry in the US and (after that) maintain residence there.


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