Wedding Photographers, for the discerning customer

This proves to be one of the hardest choices to make, so far: a fitting weddingphotographer. I suppose we have a sense of aesthetics that differs from what is considered ‘normal’  or even ‘alternative-but-findable’  when it comes to wedding photography.

There is one man whose pictures we both like: Patrick Moran. Unfortunately, the man is on the other side of the ocean, and since we’re being all low-budget and small and such, flying in a photographer seems over the top. We’re still considering it, though. Mr. Moran is a friend of the Beloved, and we’re hoping that he may be willing to work if we pay for his ticket and put him up for free for a holiday in our country. Still, it would be a hassle, and things would be easier with a local photographer.

I’ve found the Wedding Photojournalist Association, which seems to come closest to what we may possibly want. They have us a workable shortlist of which I selected three photographers. Beloved picked only one. Depending on the man’s quote, we’ll petition Mr. Moran.

In the mean time: hear me roar:

  • If your website plays music, I will not do business with you.
  • If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, I will not do business with you.
  • If your website is hard to navigate, I will not do business with you.
  • If I cannot properly see your photo’s (because they are small), I wil not do business with you.
  • If your website does not even remotely mention a vague hint of what things may possibly cost, I wil not do business with you.
  • If your website opens every internal link in a new tab/ window, I will not do business with you.

I could go on and talk about photoshopping people until they’re unrecognizable, having a whopping 50% pictures of brides’ shoes in your slideshow and all matter of other things that I’ve come to notice in my scouting for a wedding photographer, but let’s leave it at this.


2 Responses to “Wedding Photographers, for the discerning customer”

  1. 1 Rory June 21, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Ha, so I clicked through to your blog from the APW comments. Can I just say as a budding photog this is a super helpful list. I’ve been searching for tips like this from professional shooters but of course it would come from someone in need of a photographer instead. Good luck in your planning!

  2. 2 thesmittenimmigrant June 22, 2011 at 7:03 am

    Hi Rory,

    Of course I went and looked at your site. Can I say first I am in love with Henry? He is about as awesome as your sense of humour – your bio made me giggle.

    I really like that you frequently use collages. They give a good overview of the story you’re telling as well as of your style as a photographer. Your site feels very genuine to me, nicely down to earth while also fun. I was able to find everything quickly, there is no music, nothing else that distracts from the pictures.. I’d say you’re doing a very good job.

    Since you have a history in documentaries, maybe the WPJA could benefit you too. I have no idea how things are arranged on the photographer side of the organisation, but they were the one institution to give me hope of finding an awesome photographer.

    Anyway, thank you for commenting, and I’ll see you on APW!

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