The emperor’s (well, bride’s) new clothes

or how the chance of me showing up naked at my wedding have decreased immensely.

I suppose this is the other ‘thing’  that I worry about. What to wear? I’m a bisexual, rather genderbenderish creature who people like to mistake for a very butch lesbian at first sight. I’m a lot more comfortable with the male aesthetic than I am with the female (for the last six months I’ve been growing my hear out from the 1/8th  of an inch I kept it at for years).

Had I been able to decree a dress-code for my wedding, I would have proposed denim and lumberjack shirts. However, Beloved had a say in it too. While he totally supports (and encourages, appreciates and gets off on) my not-very-gender-appropriate aesthetic choices, he expressed a strong preference to a certain form of festive dress.

My first intuition was a tux. Then I figured maybe I should have a white one. Then I decided I would like to have something that I would actually wear again. (I’ve hips and tits and a waist – no men’s tux or suit would ever fit me without tailoring, making renting something not an option). The list of criteria grew so long that I started thinking about simply buying a not-too-poofy-dress after all, simply because they’re way cheaper than tailored suits or tuxes, so I wouldn’t feel bad about never wearing it again. Who cared if I didn’t feel comfortable in what I wore? I’d still be married, right? And everyone else would love it.

Then.. My mom called. She has a twin brother who is a fashion designer of some renown. I had briefly considered consulting him in the very early stages of planning, but quickly abandoned the idea for monetary reasons (the man isn’t cheap – even with family-discount any of his creations would still cost in the thousands) as well as other ones, like me being skittish to do business with family. However, as my mom talked to her twin about their birthday celebration, she mentioned my wedding plans (not otherwise formally announced to the family – after all, they’re not invited to the ceremony and the reception isn’t planned yet). He offered to make me a wedding-outfit, free of charge, as a thank you for all that my parents did for him, as well as because he feels connected to me (something I had not dared count on – I’ve always recognized things in him, but never knew he felt the same way).

I plan to at least present him with my ideas and see if we can come to an agreement on what I should wear. I have been given the assignment to start gathering pictures of ideas and looks that I find pleasing. I’ll consider it a challenge!


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