Filing an I-130

On my usual round through the host of immigration forums I follow, I encountered this notice from the USCIS.


In short, this means that the option informally known as Direct Consular Filing will no longer be available from August 15 onward. Instead, those countries that do not have a USCIS Field Office (I’ve checked, we don’t), will need to send all petitions to a lockbox in Chicago.

Speculation on my part: this means we’ll be filing a K-3 (or CR-1) the ‘normal’ way. Which means dealing with an approval term of approximately 10 months instead of (as confirmed by the Consulate this morning) 10 weeks.

Outcome: Timing his naturalisation and my Visa process is going to be a lot harder, meaning we may well be delayed in leaving. Also: While in a K-3 or CR-1 procedure, travel to the USA is not permitted.

I’ve contacted our local consulate already, but they refused to tell me anything. They even denied knowledge of this notice and told me that they only have business with the State Department, not with the USCIS. The lady I talked to proceeded by asking if I was the US citizen calling and became rather uh.. unfriendly when I told her I wasn’t, doing her best to get me off the phone asap. I guess they don’t like people calling them in advance to ask for information.




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