Housing in the US..

Houses in the US are so radically different from here, I have no idea what to even start looking for. The idea of  ‘urbanized living’ in a way that I recoignize, only seems to exist in the largest of cities. When I check Zillow for houses in the SF Bay Area, where we strongly consider moving, I still see houses with gardens for sale more than apartments or condos. Apartments seem to be either really cheap (and somewhat decrepit) student housing, or extremely expensive, gated-community-fitness-and-pool-style condos.The rest? Houses with massive gardens.. Like, wow!

And then there’s the bathroom thing. Having two “full baths” in any more-than-two-room house seems completely normal. Where I live, one full bath really is the norm. People that have two full baths are generally extremely rich.

What’s up with y’all folks’ idea of no sidewalks, by the way? I remember a drive to a friend in a suburban neighborhood in Richmond, VA, where there was not a single one of the things in sight. Beloved tells me that a lot of the US has a serious ‘walking happens between the front door and the car door-culture’. That will take some getting used to – I walk everywhere. There is hope for me, though. Apparently a movement called ‘new urbanism’ exists that encourages small communities in which shops and restaurants mingle with housing in such a way that walking and interacting in public spaces is encouraged. San Fran and the Valley strike me as places where such a move could gain/ has gained traction – I should look into that.


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