Cause for celebration

*drum roll*

Today we’ve requested our marriage license and signed for our intent to marry. Today is also our two year anniversary. We’ve put the actual celebratory dinner off until tomorrow because Beloved had a ‘maintenance window’  last night between 1 and 3 (as in: an important computer network had scheduled downtime and he needed to guide people through some hardware upgrades). After this morning’s bureaucracy he had to go into the office too, so he will only want to go to sleep when he comes home, I think.  I bought him some beers just in case, though.

I expect to receive a confirmation from the registry office soon – they need to contact our location to ensure that the wedding will indeed take place there, and then appoint an officiant. That means the most important things are taken care of.

We are free to work with the officiant to design the ceremony, which is awesome (I’m not a fan of traditional vows). I had no idea what the rules were, but apart from saying ‘ yes’  and signing the certificate we’re free to do as we want (assuming the officiant agrees).

I’ve officially chosen to use his name (I don’t actually ‘get’  it – it’s impossible to lose your maiden name unless through expensive and complicated legal action – I only get to use it) without a mention of my maiden name. A painless decision, considering that my name doesn’t work in English and his is almost as sexy as he is. I can’t quite remember if I mentioned this to my parents.. I should, so that they can get used to it a little. So far, they’ve been pretty well-behaved, though. I knew I could count on them to be awesome 🙂


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