Bringing the folks together..

I’m at home with a toothache. Had one for the last two-and-a-half-weeks, but couldn’t see my dentist because I was dogsitting and receiving the in-laws. Now that all that is over, the painkillers decided not to work either. After almost fainting a couple of times, I figured taking it easy for a day would be the better idea.

Gives me time to share the next chapter in ” Beloved and I: Wedding planning”. In which we (go us!) called out a resounding ‘ no’, and made very, very clear that we will not hand over control of all our baby pictures, childhood photo’s, awkward teen-images and other viewable material to some stranger who (or so his parents say) does an amazing job of creating ‘ fun’  wedding DVDs. It made me happy that Beloved and I didn’t even need to look at each other to decide that this was not what we want _at all_.

His parents backed off relatively graciously when we expressed the wish to keep artistic control ourselves. I could sense their disappointment, though, so I did proceed to say that we would love to accept their help with other things (mainly logistics for the States-side reception/ party). We aso discussed the ceremony in November. I showed his mother a gorgeous picture of the venue and we talked about possibilities for Beloved’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew to come too. I hope we’ll hear it soon. We’d love to host them all, but I can see how flying would be too expensive for them, and how two 9-hour flights and an afternoon/ late night program in four days can be too intense with a 2 year old kid. Maybe his brother will come, leaving wife and child at home. I would just be sad for the Beloved if his only sibling couldn’t make it. It makes me glad we’re planning a US party too – Beloved has so many friends who would want to wish him well, and I love every single one of them I’ve met so far. It would be a shame to not use this chance to get to see all of them.

On Sunday night, before his parents flew out the next morning, we introduced his parents to mine. I think everybody was a little nervous, but things went splendidly. I had picked a new Asian finger food place to go to. We got them to serve us a selection of their dishes so that no one had to think about what to order and everyone had lots of opportunity to share. My brother and his girlfriend where there too, and there was much bantering, despite the somewhat rusty English on my side of the table. It was a little surreal to hear both sets of parents admit that they had never expected to see either me or Beloved get married, while clearly hearing that they are very happy that we will.

In the end, lots of fun was had, lots of wine was drank and no one had needed to be nervous. It was really sweet to hear my mom talk about how much Beloved resembles his mother, and hear my dad say that he was really proud about Beloved becoming a part of our family. Beloved’s parents were very complimentary too, and told us extensively how much they loved the dinner and how special it felt to meet their daughter-in-law-to-be’s parents and brother.

We’re lucky people, Beloved and I.


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