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Sleeveless? My ass!

I have tried. Really. I registered for The Knot. I went through half a library full of other websites.. There simply isn’t a single dress that looks even remotely attractive to me. I’ll be wearing a suit. I’ll have one made for me.

White, white with purple pinstripe? Grey, but with white pinstripe, white shirt, purple tie? Aww, come on, I can rock a tie, can’t I? Don’t tell me it has to be a scarf. And I kind of want boots to go with that.

I want a long, strongly waisted jacket and a ‘bootcut’  pair of slacks Or maybe even something a little wider at the bottom, to make it a more dramatic. I want a hat too. I could even go classic and have a little birdcage veil. Who knows 🙂

Packed my bags and left..

only temporarily, though. I had a long standing commitment to a colleague and friend to look after her dog when she went on holiday. The dog is an adorable furball, very pretty (a German Shepherd, but smaller and more elegant – I think she has a whippet in het ancestors) but extremely anxious and not fond of strangers due to a traumatizing past as a Polish stray.

So, I’ve been hanging out in my colleague’s studio apartment since Tuesday, walking to work every day and walking the dog as well. It’s an interesting change, but I’ll be glad to go back home next Friday. Beloved came and spent a night here, which made me very aware of how I’ve grown used to sharing my space with him. I’ve only lived with him for six weeks, or so, but it’s not something I would want to go without.

Wedding planning

Since that’s what you do, right, when you get engaged?

I have found one blog that turns out to be an amazing resource. It has given me plenty of ideas, made me aware of things I didn’t even know I had to consider and has done a great job (I think) of preparing me for what is yet to come. A Practical Wedding, I am so very grateful for your existence (also, I will submit a wedding graduate post with you when all is vowed and done :)).

This is what we ‘have’  so far.

June 6: the beloved and I will request our marriage permit, hand over copies of passports of our witnesses and indicate a few things about our preferences (I hope). We have dealt with the municipality before – see here -, but this visit will hopefully be more festive. June 6 is also the our anniversary (2 years, woo!).

November 25: we get hitched! We will have a small ceremony with my parents, his parents, my brother (+gf?) and maybe beloved’s brother and wife, if they can make the trip. We picked the Thanksgiving weekend because flying to Europe is cheap and the transatlanteans have a couple of days to make the journey.

After the ceremony, we’ll have a guided tour through the rest of the building (we’re getting married in the library of our local space observatory) and if the sky is clear, we’ll even be able to do some staring into space through a telescope. Then, dinner, and probably not much else.

At some point, there will be a celebration. Well, two, really. One in the States, another one here. I am expressly forbidden to worry about the US side of things. Beloved saw me buy a notebook, starting to making lists and crossing out dates and put a stop to it. He has a point, he’s better connected and equipped to handle those affairs, especially since he’ll be able to call in his family for assistance (I’m pretty sure my mom-in-law will be delighted to help us out). I’ll just sit tight and hope I won’t have to cut cake, light unity candles, pour sand or do a daddy-daughter dance (when my dad probably won’t even be there :P)

On a non-wedding-y note, I’ve managed to find out that Beloved’s previously obtained language test resukts qualify him for naturalization, which is one less thing to worry about.

Now it’s back to readings, vows, rings and photographers, I guess.


My house is sold. Everything went smoothly – well, at least as smoothly as one could hope for. The legal officials always have trouble getting their numbers straight, and banks are much more eager to take your money than to give you what you’re due, but the place is off my hands and while I’m very low on funds right now, it should be remedied relatively soon.

The only thing I still need to do is send the modem back to my old ISP, and then I never have to go there again.It was a lovely place, and all my own, but since I moved out, I haven’t missed it. Besides, I still have my most treasured possessions:

my couch (the comfiest one Ikea ever made)

my books (catalogued and 90% shelved, side by side with Beloved’s)

my laptop (without which the world would be dreary and dull)

I had a good cry (triggered by something stupid, silly and unrelated) and a glass of port. It will be easier now that this part is done.