Living Life in the Mean Time

Yeah, girl, how’s that working out for you? The house is bigger, true but there’s this man in it, and a meowy, furry whinebeast (also known as: cat) too. There is certainly no possibility to spend Monday til Friday in your normal hermitlike fashion.

Overall, I think I like living with the beloved. It is certainly educational. I’ve learned that the toilet seat has a tendency to shift sideways if one reaches for toilet paper, for instance, and that Beloved would be appreciative of me putting it back (after all, I do the majority of the tp-reaching). I’ve also learned that one load of laundry a week, is definitely too little, and if he hangs, I can fold. Personally, I find Thursday a horribly inconvenient night to take the trash out (any night is – why no undergound containers like we had in my city? They’re so convenient!). Oh, and I’m now on dishwasher-emptying duty. I’m learning to come home to really loud Al Jazeera.

The biggest thing to learn, is how to be alone when there is someone else around. I’ve always liked spending time alone, but doing it when Beloved is around to spend time with, is tough yet essential. We’ll drive both of us insane if I don’t learn. In this, I’m glad that he has lived with girlfriends (and roommates) before: at least we’re not putting a rookie on a green horse 🙂

The times for living with me probably aren’t the best either. I’m stressed out of my mind while exhausted half the time and running around being stressed out of my mind and well-caffeinated for the rest. My goal is to be outside the house for at least one week night a week. Two is cool too. The other times, forcing myself into another room for part of the night works well, I think.

I look forward to having the time and funds to buy a desk for the guest room. I think that’ll feel like ‘mine’  more than any other place in the house.
Early mornings are now among my favourite parts of the day. Being in bed with another human saves me from endless snoozing (out of guilt), so I get up fast. Once I’m ready to leave, I go back upstairs and wake the beloved, who is the most adorable sleeper in the world. We usually have a few minutes of ‘family cuddles’  (yes, the cat usually sleeps on the bed with us), which gives Beloved a slow and gentle wake up and me cuddle-fuel to start my day. It rocks 🙂


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