Officially engaged

I guess?

We talked about it, beloved and I. At some point, after our conversation not to rush things and before now, we had another conversation in which he said that now that we’re no longer rushing things, he felt we could just as well actually get married. It’s better that way. The US recognizes a marriage, but not all states accept registered partnerships or civil unions, nor do they look kindly on certificates that claim to turn one into the other.

Hence. we’re getting hitched. And I? Well, I’ve had some time to get used to it, by now. I’ve gotten past the initial fear and nerves and begin to feel a little giddy.

We told our parents. Mine last week, his last weekend. We went to the city council on Wednesday to file paperwork and request a marriage permit. One June 6, we will have to return to sign for the permitand hand over copies of the passports of our witnesses.We have a date, that we decided on after talking to his parents: the day after Thanksgiving.

We’ve started telling our friends too, and we found a location – a lovely, early 20h century library. It will be small. Our parents, maybe our brothers, and that’s it. I never fantasized about a wedding, but now that we’re doing one, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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