Move, move, move!

I moved in with the Beloved!

Was the fastest move ever, too. I had friends  and colleagues helping me out, I rented a truck, Beloved drove it, my dad came to help.

I had Thursday and Friday off and spent those days in a flurry of folding boxes and rapidly filling trashbags. More than a full roll of those big 80-liter bags was used. I threw out eleven year old love letters after rereading  few bits and pieces, and tossed four years’ worth of academic articles and paperwork. I kept most of what I wrote myself though (and read some of that and was retroactively impressed with my smarts :P)

On Saturday morning, 9.45 AM  had coffee in plastic cups, a handful of strong men and that massive truck parked as close as it could get. We filled that puppy up in 45 minutes. Woohoo!

Around 1PM the truck was empty again, I thanked everyone and we started unpacking.



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