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One announcement, two announcements

It was time to inform a few important people of our progress and our decisions. We went to my parents, under the guise of asking some questions about mortgages and the sale of my house. Those questions were asked, but we also laid out our plans and the time line that the immigration expert gave us.

Near the end of the visit my mother looked up and asked: “This is an official sort of visit, isn’t it?” We slowly nodded a little, and received their blessing for our plans.┬áLater this weekend we informed the beloved’s parents too. Over the phone, due to the distance, but they, too, immediately congratulated us on the decisions that we shared with them.

That being settled, we went over the tales of the immigration expert. The time limit of three years before applying for naturalization did not make sense to me: I had read of it in different scenarios, ones that don’t apply to us. And so I checked my network and found out that a relative of a colleague works in the National Immigration Service. She was able to quote several law texts that naturalization policy is based on, none of them mentioning any three year term after marriage or a civil union.

A third opinion, too, was very clear: apply for naturalization the day after the ceremony, and you’l be allowed to keep both nationalities.

We breathed a sigh of relief and considered ourselves lucky to be critical of our expert. On to the next step!