Making a new home

Beloved has lived in his place only a few months longer than I’ve lived in mine. So, to make space for me, some changes were needed. We had travelled to Ikea before to pick and choose and get some inspiration. Today, we plundered their shelves.

The previous visit (on a Saturday, like this one – we masochists) went smoothly already. We easily agreed on what was suited for which rooms, which things we needed and which things we only wanted. Today was as pleasant a surprise and I take great pride in saying that we worked together well. We were fast, efficient, and flawless. Even Ikea’s usual charades could not throw us off our resigned-but-cheerful moods. A pile of Billy bookshelves, plenty of other tall and heavy things to maneuver with and of course a few things that were out of stock, none of it managed to make us frown even slightly.

We even had a good time waiting for their delivery service, by coming up with gruesome murder scenarios (executed by the plushy duo of rats we had adopted from the kids’ department) for the yuppie breeders who felt that their success at reproducing three times entitled them to take up half the waiting area with two shopping carts filled with squirmy brats, while not having a single Ikea item on their persons.

Oh well 🙂 We spent a fortune on book shelvage and a handful of bucks on getting it all delivered and felt extremely accomplished for the rest of the day.


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