Packing up

Yesterday, my colleague drove me home with a pile of boxes in the back of their car. Today, I packed them. Beloved was around as well, to set up my computer so that I could give it away.

All my books are packed. Well, there are two shelves of  ‘books to give away’ that are still in my old place. Other books I have packed to return to my parents, two boxes in total. Those are my children’s books that I hope my brother can one day use for his kids – once he gets them. Other children’s books have already made their way to two cousins. A colleague of mine traded a good shelf of translated fantasy for a bottle of whisky.

Everything else is boxed up and in the basement, ready to be moved once the deal is sealed, the remainder is packed and the truck is rented.

I’ve lived in this house for years. It was (well, is still) mine. I got the mortgage on my own income, got my own insurances, everything. And now I’m dismantling the place.

Weird and a little sad. Still, I look forward to living with the Beloved. It will be hard work to call his place my home, but we’ll get there.


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