Now what?

We got out facts straight, this time. There won’t be any leaving this country until Beloved gets dual citizenship, because a possible return would then mean starting the immigration process here all over again. We’d toss out the permanent residency that he has built up, and would be forced to comply with very strict regulations – and who know how tight they may have become by then.

From the date of a partnership cerwmony, the term for him to obtain dual citizenship would be about a year.

This lead Beloved to ask me during one of the many night time conversations we’ve recently had, if it were not better to stop scrambling to get a ceremony done as fast as possible (we were aiming for late May). He confessed that he, at least, felt that rushing these things wasn’t beneficial. I agree and told him so.

That seems such a straightforward statement, and it belies some of the complexities. I could hear (or perhaps project?) that he was really cautious about bringing it up. Almost as if he was afraid I’d get angry. I suppose it makes sense. I wonder how many men told their ladies (or the other way around, right?) that they wanted to postpone <insert name of ceremony> and pulled it off without the whole thing escalating into an argument or a tearful scene. True, I did feel a little twinge of disappointment when he brought it up (of which I have felt free not to inform him). I wonder why.

We have a little breathing room, it seems.


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