A slap in the face

I made such a neat little time line in the previous post. Since then, our plans have been completely overturned. Here is what happened:

We met on a terrace in a mall. A gaunt-faced, gray bearded man was dropped off by his wife, some fifteen minutes late. We briefly explained our plans. His response was overwhelming. We couldn’t do it. There was no way whatsoever that we could do what we wanted. He named a term of three years after obtaining a registered partnership before we could even file nor naturalization for the beloved. After that, a one-totwo-year wait for the naturalization to be approved – assuming we were picture perfect about everything. We couldn’t afford a single mistake! He painted pictures of huge financial losses and irreparable damage to he beloved’s career. He inquired how much money the beloved made (but didn’t ask me). Every time he mentioned the beloved’s money after that, he looked at me. At some point he told me that I probably could not tell my girl friends how much the beloved made because then they’d try to steal him (uhh? really?). I tried to play along.  Made a joke, even.

Additionally, he suggested to us that the sooner we shared an address, the sooner we could argue the start of a three year official relationship, even if no registering has taken place yet. We had better move in together today, nay, yesterday!

Beloved and I left the consultation feeling shaken. We walked through the mall for a while, trying to get the message to sink in. I wondered how none of the documentation that I found, could have pointed out the three year term that the expert mentioned. It sounded a lot like he mistook one of the criteria for being eligible for naturalization for an additional criterium for keeping one’s own nationality. But he was the expert, right?

After some walking, we decided that speeding up the moving in process – at least on paper – would not be problematic, assuming that I could manage financially. And perhaps a registered partnership would also be a good idea, as soon as humanly possible. That advice, at least, we could follow.



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