This is the smitten immigrant. Halfway through 2012, I am to immigrate to the USA. For love. Also for knowledge, for chances and opportunities, but without love I would have found those things here in the country where I was born, and left the 50 states for what they were.

In early 2011, the first steps are taken in preparation. It will go slow at first, but I want to document the process from the beginning anyway. Certain posts my not seem to be about immigrating at all, except that when you cross borders for love, many things in your relationship become intertwined with where you’ll end up moving to as a couple. With about eighteen months in preparation time, things will need to be sped up a little, sometimes.

We’re lucky, my love and I. We are neatly of opposite genders, he’s an American citizen and I am a well-educated lady from a well-developed country in western Europe. A piece of cake for visa purposes. We’re also sensible, communicative, understanding and committed to each other; qualities I think we’ll need. We’re also fiercely independent, pretty introverted and a couple of other things that may make the merger of our lives in such an accelerated fashion a little more complicated. Still, I have no doubt we can face this series of complexities. How we’ll face them, that’s what you will read here.


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